Amber Bee Propolis (20% alcohol tincture)


“Bee glue”, a substance harvested by bees from the sap and resin of certain treen and flowers, then mixed with bee own enzymes is used by the insects inside the beehive to see the sterile environment, seal any cracks and maintain their own health. Amber bee company follows the folk recipe to turn waxy propolis into this alcohol tincture, which is safe for human consumption and is extremely beneficial in assisting with healing various ailments. Take daily or as needed in a glass of water, sublingually or topically. Recommended dose for adults: Internally for daily immunity maintenance or as mouth rinse or sore throat gargle solution use 30 drops (1,5mil) in 1/2 glass of water (150ml). Topically to disinfect cuts, scrapes, cold sores: apply with cotton swab directly to the affected area; repeat as needed.

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High quality PROPOLIS tincture for daily wellness maintenance and rapid recovery. Made in USA by Amber Bee company.

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