honey med

May your life be sweet as honey with right amount of spice!

What is HoneyMed?

HoneyMed is an eclectic blend of Raw Honey and Three Powerful Superfoods – Turmeric, Ginger and Cayenne Pepper. Enjoy the synergetic effect of the living enzymes preserved in our unpasteurized honey combined with the anti-inflamatory and anti-microbal properties of these three ancient spices. When taken daily, HoneyMed fortifies your immune defense system, assists in gentle detox, reduces inflammation, improves your gut flora, speeds up metabolism, rejuvenates and energizes your body, all the while satiating your sweet tooth.

Na Zdorovie!

HoneyMed was born from the traditional Russian folk remedy, nicknamed “Russian Penicillin”, as a natural cure during the flue outbreak of 2018. I was down with severe flue symptoms and decided to recreate my grandma’s jar of honey with lemon and garlic and boosted it with Ayurvedic Turmeric, Ginger from traditional Chinese Medicine and the Native American shaman’s favorite Cayenne pepper. Totally self-medicating with this powerful concoction, I was flu-free faster than my friends and started making HoneyMed for them to witness their recovery. Today, we reserve the garlic for special “emergency” occasions and add the lemon separately to preserve HoneyMed’s eternal shelf life. I stay true to the daily dose of HoneyMed and enjoy stronger immunity, increased energy, better focus and the feeling of overall wellbeing. People tell me I look younger than my age and I feel stronger and healthier every day.


Vitality Elixir

Lemon Water reaches another level with a spoonful of HoneyMed in it. Best taken warm on empty stomach daily, this heavenly delicious golden drink shifts acidic PH toward alkaline, reduces inflammation, soothes your gut, increases metabolism and makes you feel vibrant and alive. 

Where to find HoneyMed?

It all started at the beach…There quite a few places in North-West Florida that believed in HoneyMed from the start. If you are visiting Scenic Highway 30A on Emerald Coast, you can stumble upon a jar of our Superfood Honey anywhere: in a local health-food store or a coffee shop, in a yoga studio or a nursery, in a wine bar or a hair salon…Have an idea of a place that should carry HoneyMed? Please, let us know!

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What ‘s The Buzz About HoneyMed?

Saved My Life when i got sick. Took HoneyMed and went to bed. Woke up the next A.M. 100% better!…I’m seriously impressed.

Sidney Finnerty

Watercolor, FL

I am in the land of heavenly honey…absolutely Divinely delicious! It’s THE best honey!

Charlynn O’Hare

Santa Rosa Becah, FL

Everyone should go and buy some! It’s so good!…I’ve gone multiple days without my morning coffee! Just a warm cup of HoneyMed with lemon, I ‘ve been good to go! Need more of this Magic Honey.

Mimi Nipper Gavigan

Point Washington, FL

I wanted to say thank you for the honey. Recently got sick, healed myself with it:)

Anastasia Boiko

Panama City, FL