I first met Eve at a fair where she was sampling HoneyMed and speaking of its restorative benefits.  What caught my ear more than anything was the supposed energy boost the honey provides in the VitalityElixir recipe.  For years…..ever since starting a family and having little ones scurrying around the house….it’s been hard to ever feel “caught up” and truly rested and energized.  So with some samples from Eve, I started to make the drink every morning.  And after a week or so I just started to recognize small changes throughout the day – more immediate energy to start the day and less and less afternoon fatigue.  I was feeling more incremental improvements as week 2 became week 3.  And then I ran out of samples!!  So, I then bought my first jar from Eve and have kept the daily regimen going and it has led to other lifestyle improvements like making healthier food choices and trying to make exercise more of a priority in my life (because I have the energy to do so now)!!