“Honey Drops” Raw Amber Necklace & Bracelet Set


“Honey Drops” Raw Amber Jewelry Collection from the bottom of the Baltic Sea

Amber has been known for its soothing and grounding effect from the beginning of time. This magnificent unpolished treasure straight from the bottom of the Baltic Sea has been cut in beads and stranded to create this amazing piece of jewelry fit for a Goddess! The moment you put it on, you feel close connection to Mother Nature and feel empowered. The necklace has a screen clasp and can accommodate a charm or a pendant. The bracelet is stranded on a stretchy cord and can to be worn as an anklet.

Raw Amber from the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Since ancient times Amber has been praised for its magical properties. This “stone” is said to provide healing and stimulate tissue revitalization by accelerating the natural healing process. It has the ability to withdraw the illness, virus or affliction out of the body by absorbing pain and negative energyAmber helps to relieve stress and anxiety. It clears the mind and releases negative energy

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Weight 8 oz


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