HoneyMed with Bee Pollen & Propolis & Cinnamon 8 oz


Bee Hive Top Shelf Items – Bee Pollen & Propolis – add an extra dose of tasty to this already delectable blend. Bee Pollen helps reduce allergies, Propolis boosts immunity and Cinnamon nurtures the heart. Incredibly tasty!!!

8oz glass jar

Our unpasteurized honey combined with the anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties of these three ancient spices. If taken daily, HoneyMed fortifies your immune defense system, assists in gentle detox, reduces inflammation, improves your gut flora, speeds up metabolism, rejuvenates and energizes your body, all the while satiating your sweet tooth. The subtle spicy touch in our honey adds excitement to any meal or drink. Try it in tea or coffee, on a warm toast or a freshly baked biscuit with butter; as an elegant companion to your charcuterie board; drizzled over oatmeal or fruit; as a marinade for meat and fish dishes; as a secret ingredient in your signature cocktail or home-made salad dressing…the possibilities are endless…

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Weight 8 oz


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