HoneyMed Bio-Degradable Straws


Raw Honey with Turmeric, Ginger and Cayenne Pepper sealed inside a Bio-Degradable Straw for your convenience. Bring a quick no-mess daily dose of HoneyMed anywhere you go! Simply cut one end with scissors, squeeze the content of the straw in your cup of tea, coffee, water, whiskey etc & stir. Perfect to soothe sore throat or as an on-the-go nutrition. Priced only $1.00 a piece, these are sold  in a sealed pack of 10 or 20 count. 

MOM ALERT! Most kids LOVE these straws and find them “not too spicy at all!”  Make the scissor cut in the middle to make TWO treats out of ONE straw:)


Our Superfood Honey in Bio-Degradable Straws makes a perfect no-mess on-the-go choice for traveling in your car, on an airplane, train, bike, boat, horse or what-have-you. Open with scissors & squeeze in your drink, plate or straight in your mouth:) 

Honey Straws are easy and lightweight which makes them the PERFECT choice to MAIL as thoughtful GIFTS to your friends and family! 

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Weight 3 oz

10, 20


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